Different Women, Different Places

In 2007, we recognised that the voice of ethnically diverse women was not being heard, their contribution and distinctive value not recognised, their unique leadership style broadly unknown. And so, Different Women, Different Places 1 (DWDP 1) was born! The research was specifically designed to ensure that the voice of Black and ethnic minority women in the UK was heard, included, and not left behind in the debate, discussion, demands and outcomes for gender equality in the workplace.

In 2019, DWDP 2 revisited the original research through a global comparative study of the working lives and experiences of Different Women leading and working in the UK, the U.S and the Middle East. In collaboration with the League of Black Women, Bloomberg, Northern Trust, and The Tavistock Institute, DWDP 2 explored the current narrative of Different Women to determine what has changed since 2007 and what their lived experience is, understand the value they bring to their organisations, examine their relationships with white women, reveal the experiences of young, millennial, Different Women and so much more.

Visit the DWDP website to find out more, access the research findings, join a global movement of Different Women, and make the Gender agenda truly inclusive.