Borderless OD

Borderless OD

Turning the rhetoric of diversity and inclusion into lived reality is what we do. Using innovative, experiential ways we help our clients push past stuck, challenge the status quo and cross the borders of difference to create organisations where everyone thrives and reaches their full potential.

Our View

We believe that the current approach to D&I is stuck in the way we’ve always done things. Its stuck because we have normalised exclusion, oppression and discrimination. We are no longer shocked to the point at which we take meaningful action. Its stuck because the focus has been on those experiencing the exclusion rather than on those with the power and privilege to exclude – the silent majority.

D&I is beyond ‘unconscious bias’, it’s about transforming systems, changing behaviours, shifting mindsets, fearlessly stepping into the zone of uncomfortable discovery to cross the borders that so easily separate us. It’s being with the ugly of “isms” and with courage, curiosity and compassion, working through them.

Our approach to systemic change

Our Way

Our approach to creating systems change helps clients tackle head-on the visible and unseen differences in their workforce in a way that ‘de-clogs’ barriers to success and creates inclusive organisations that are built to last, here to stay.

We apply a D&I lens to organisational change, talent management, leadership development, and culture change, consistently and fearlessly asking and answering the question– what are the D&I implications of, what’s the effect on women in the workplace, what’s Black about this…?

We help clients connect the dots between diversity and inclusion and high performance and productivity in a way that results in a great place to work for everyone.

Borderless – interventions

  1. Borderless Teams: Assessing and creating cohesive inclusive teams that are able to capitalise on everyone’s unique traits and differences.
  2. Inclusive Board Development: Taking a Board or senior management team through an in-depth process to review and develop appropriate and effective governance and leadership of diversity and inclusion.
  3. Borderless Organisations: we design interventions that create inclusive cultures, strategies, systems, spaces and places where we ALL belong, one leader, one conversation at a time

What are the results?

Islington Council

When one team within Revenues and Technical Services felt that they were not realising their potential and the relationship with management had broken down – an issue that was impacting Islington Council’s overall performance – the Director of Financial Operations and Customer Services decided to seek outside help from The Diversity Practice.

Following their intervention, the work they did with the team, and a reorganisation led and informed by the evidence uncovered during the workshops, London Borough of Islington has created a team where:

  • Its principal members no longer feel dissatisfied, overlooked and undervalued.
  • Cohesion is clearly evident, and its members feel involved and included.
  • Continual grievances are no longer part of day-to-day activities.
  • Its members no longer feel as though they are being compromised, and revenue has increased.