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The Diversity Practice

Let’s unlock the dynamics of difference

The Diversity Practice is an international award-winning diversity-led management consultancy that specialises in delivering inclusion through leadership, organisational development and executive coaching.

Crossing borders
Challenging the unchallenged

Building value, dismantling barriers

We help our clients work positively with the dynamics of difference – the energy and value that comes from the interaction of those parts of self that make us unique and different – to create thriving, wholesome and inclusive leaders and cultures.

Creating organisations without borders

To create thriving organisations of tomorrow, you must be inclusive today. We challenge and support our clients to think differently, reimagine their organisations without diversity-related boundaries and lay the foundations from which leaders and their teams can grow and excel, which we call the ‘borderless way’.

Our services

Borderless Leadership

Borderless Leadership

We believe that every leader is uniquely different; so too are our leadership development experiences.

Our programmes are designed to anchor identity, shift mindsets and change behaviours to create powerful legacies that move self and others beyond borders to unlimited possibilities.

Borderless OD

Borderless OD

Our approach to creating systemic change helps clients tackle head-on the visible and unseen differences in their workforce in a way that ‘de-clogs’ barriers to success and creates cultures and organisations that are built to last, here to stay.

Borderless Coaching

Borderless Coaching ™

Diversity is not a dirty word in the coaching space. By not skirting around the issue we’ve pioneered a new and transformational coaching framework that is intentionally designed to tackle issues that traditional coaching doesn’t touch.

In doing this we unlock what we refer to as the missing 30 per cent.

Knowledge Frontiers


Critical to the work we do is building the evidence base, undertaking new, cutting-edge research studies to push back the frontiers of knowledge, understanding and application, in leadership, organisational development, and inclusion.

In doing so our research can birth movements – Different Women, Different Places.

Leadership without limits
Solutions without borders

The Power of Difference

With over two decades of experience, The Diversity Practice delivers bespoke experiential leadership experiences that uniquely blend coaching with facilitation and leverage the ‘power of difference’, and cutting edge research that reveals and showcases the untold stories of ‘Different Leaders’ from around the world.

To watch the full length video, visit our Research Page

Latest News

StellarHE: Kafui Osuteye’s Journey as a Confident and Driven Financial Leader

December 15th, 2023|News and Articles|

Black, Asian and ethnically diverse leaders have so many attributes to bring to the higher education sector: inclusive emotional intelligence, cultural competence, and inclusive leadership to name a few. And yet, many continue to be under-represented in senior roles whilst having to navigate daily negative experiences, from micro-aggressions to outright discrimination. This is why we’ve developed the StellarHE programme, which supports and develops diverse leaders in the field of higher education.

Yara: Now a ‘Leading Light’ in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

December 13th, 2023|News and Articles|

Yara: Now a ‘Leading Light’ in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and the Black Lives Matter movement in 2020, organisations pledged billions of dollars to move the DEI agenda forward. However, we’ve seen very few organisations actually change as [...]

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