Borderless Leadership

Borderless Leadership

Our dream is a world where every leader boldly models a better way, crosses the internal borders that divide and separate inspiring others to truly value, realise the potential of and work positively with diversity in all its forms. We strongly believe that inclusion is at the heart of exceptional leadership that makes a lasting difference. And we know that’s not today’s reality.

To get there, we create and deliver transformative leadership experiences, taking people from all backgrounds to the edge, so they can lead from a place of identity and authenticity, confront their borders of bias, shift their hearts and minds, and finally grow in courage and confidence as ‘different leaders’ comfortable in their own skin, armed with mission and purpose. We believe that creating a world where we all thrive regardless of our diversity can only happen when leaders look in the mirror and do the deep work that is required on self, and that’s the premise of what we do.

What makes us unique

Borderless Multisector

Leadership experiences

Diverse Leaders

A transformational leadership development experience with a focus on Black, Asian and Ethnically Diverse Leaders.

Participants build awareness, confidence and competence in maximising their diversity as a strength, navigating through their organisations as minorities while delivering high impact sustainable results.

Women Leaders

Custom designed to address the distinct challenges and variations to the unwritten rules and models for success that women leaders face and must master, the programme is packed with alternative ways of looking at and activating the leadership style and approach of women in leadership and is full of ideas and practical tools that they can action immediately.

Inclusive Leaders

Designed for Mid to Senior Leaders from all backgrounds, our Borderless Leaders Programme equips participants with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to create high-performing inclusive teams, departments and organisations.

Our unique approach links the heart of leadership with identity, emotional intelligence and inclusion, resulting in behavioural change, and greater inclusive leadership capabilities.


Based on research, this powerful leadership framework and online 360-degree diagnostic package has emerged as an essential tool for individuals who want to understand their impact as diverse leaders, assess their inclusive leadership competencies and improve their authentic leadership performance.

Factor8 has been created for organisations that want to realise the full potential of their diverse talent.

What are the results?

Ernst & Young

EY appointed The Diversity Practice to design and deliver a Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) Leadership Programme. Since then EY has:

Secured the ‘Widening the Talent Award’ as part of the 2011 Business in the Community’s Race for Opportunity Awards and believes subsequent national diversity and inclusiveness awards can be attributed, at least in part, to the positive impact of The Diversity Practice’s BME Leadership Programme.
Established that overall, those who participated in the programme performed better and achieved more than those who did not when measured against retention, progression and performance indicators.
Increased the number of ethnic minority people in senior management roles by equipping them with the tools required to continually challenge – and be challenged by – EY’s systems and processes.
Made race diversity and inclusion a critical component of its corporate culture.