Research Pipeline

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? – Albert Einstein

The Diversity Practice has a pipeline of research projects underway and at various stages of implementation. A few are highlighted below.

African Leadership Strategies and Successes

This comparative study between UK and West African businesses identifies the similarities and differences in their leadership styles and approaches. In particular, it identifies the unique leadership competencies and strategies employed by West African business leaders, based on the blending of their cultural heritage and Western business techniques. The results should inform approaches to leadership development, skills and behaviour in all companies seeking to do business in and with these rapidly emerging economies.

Race to the Boardroom

This project explores the current position of Black and Minority Ethnic leaders in top management and the boardrooms of the leading companies in the UK. As well as revealing just how many there are, the project also looks at their backgrounds, leadership traits, and success strategies and the pipeline of diverse talent nearing the top.

Developing Innovative Models for Diversity & Inclusion in Global Organisations

The Global Diversity and Inclusion research study will identify and describe the factors that organisations must account for and the approaches they can take to create and sustain globally diverse and inclusive leadership and people strategies that reflect the common culture of the organisation, yet adapt to local realities and business needs. The target participating organisations are businesses and governmental agencies operating globally and already encountering the challenges of attracting, managing and leveraging top-tier talent world-wide.

Global Leadership Competencies

Most of our models and understanding of successful Corporate Leadership are derived from West European and North American businesses and research. Yet in this increasingly globalised and multicultural marketplace, successful leaders of organisations operating globally require extra sensitivity, dexterity, a global mindset and cultural competence to effectively deal with the additional dimensions of complexity inherent in global leadership. The Global Leadership Competencies project builds on existing research through and empirical study of leadership practices across a range of companies from both developed and emerging economies.

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