Harnessing the Unique Capabilities of African Leaders

Nigeria is a dream waiting to happen!
Which continent has six of the fastest growing economies in the world? Asia? No it’s Africa. Which country is predicted to have the highest average GDP growth in the world in the next 40 years, Brazil, Russia, India, China? No, think Africa Think Nigeria. This can be Africa’s moment. A whole new future is within reach.

David Cameron, British Prime Minister, and Mckinsey’s Report “Lions on the Move”

The Diversity Practice is undertaking a major study into the unique capabilities of African Leaders. We are looking for participants and other sponsors so email us.

Within the context of a rapidly growing ‘new’ economy, the study will explore what these leaders require to succeed in today’s highly competitive global environment  and the mechanisms they have in place to grow and develop emerging high potential leadership talent.  Specifically, it will:

  • Identify the unique leadership competencies and strategies employed by successful corporate leaders in West Africa, based on the blending of their cultural heritage and Western business techniques;
  • Explore the link between these leadership characteristics and individual & corporate performance, and the extent to which this may be derailed by individual leadership characteristics, corporate culture and broader external factors;
  • Gather insights into the characteristics of female leaders in the transformation of corporate Africa; and
  • Develop the steps and strategic approach required to identify and manage this leadership talent to produce extraordinary results in this 21st century “Glocal” business environment.

The results should inform approaches to succession planning, talent management, leadership development, skills and behaviour in all companies seeking to enhance competitive advantage and do business in and with these rapidly emerging economies.

Call For Participants and Sponsors

We would welcome the involvement of sponsors for this ground breaking research project.

We are also seeking both corporate organisations and individuals at Senior Management Levels working in West Africa to participate in this study.

For further information contact us.