Team Dynamics Case studies

“A Different Direction” – Local Government

We were approached by the Chief Executive of a Local Council to work with them to respond to the issues raised by their BME affinity network following differential results from the annual employee engagement survey.

A survey of the BME network members resulted in further insight into the adverse experiences of some network members and our recommendation was to use “A Different Direction” as the vehicle for working through the issues raised through the survey and consultation.

‘A Different Direction’ is an innovative approach developed by The Diversity Practice that uses the Factor 8 Leadership framework as a vehicle to prepare groups of staff and managers, individually and collectively, to have a skilfully facilitated, solutions-focused dialogue on Diversity and Inclusion issues. This leads to new insight and an increased understanding of the impact the issues have on different groups and to the collaborative generation of solutions. This approach develops a partnership way of working, and provides a simple but powerfully effective process for engaging others with diverse views about an issue.

The outcome was increased trust and strengthened relationship between the staff and their managers and a commitment to work together to continue to deepen understanding of the issues and generate sustainable solutions.

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Global Research and Development Project Team – Pharmaceutical Company

The organisation relied on global project teams to collaborate in getting new medicines from development to licensing phase in as short a period of time as possible without compromising quality and safety. Some of the early project teams found it very difficult to adjust to this new way of working and struggled to align around a common vision and ways of working. This Project Leader wanted to ensure that his team got off to a good start from the beginning.

We used our “new team start up” process, which draws on a number of researched models and concepts for multicultural and global teams as well as work-style preferences and strengths. Our consultant worked with the project team leader and its members to establish an understanding of each other in terms of work style preferences, cultural similarities and differences, mutual expectations between team members and their leader and a vision of success.

Relationships within this team were stronger as a result; levels of trust were high and the team was able to manage conflicts and disagreements as they arose; delivering their project on time and to a high standard.