Team Dynamics

  • Are you getting the results you expect from your multicultural or global teams?
  • Do you have a team in transition or at start up and want to ensure they are positioned to really reap the full benefits of their potential?
  • Have you recently acquired or merged with another organisation or extended your global reach and want to ensure the new teams deliver creative, innovative ideas and solutions?

Today’s economy increasingly requires people to collaborate in teams that cross cultural and geographic boundaries.

In theory this rich diverse mix within a team should create significant competitive advantage by bringing together multiple perspectives, fresh ideas, pools of knowledge and approaches. However in spite of having the potential to outperform homogeneous teams this is often unrealised.

How we can support you

Our consultants understand what the best multicultural and global teams do differently. They have facilitated a wide variety of teams including leadership and high profile project teams and will work with you to determine the objectives and scope of a team assignment; will take account of the organisational culture and context and provide consulting, group facilitation and/or skill building as well as team leader coaching to deliver the most appropriate outcomes.

Here are examples of what they can do for you:

A Different Direction – an innovative approach using the Factor 8 Leadership framework to increase trust and strengthen relationship in diverse teams.

Case Study: Local Government – “A Different Direction”

case study

New Team Start Up – a process to build effective working relationships, manage conflicts and disagreements, and deliver projects on time and to a high standard.

Case study Global Pharmaceutical Company – “New Team Start Up”

case study

If you want to create high performing inclusive teams that create value and deliver results then email us to find out more about our approach.