Talent Management

Organisations need to look into new places for their talent. We cannot afford to ignore any source of talent. Moreover, we need to rethink the design of jobs to permit more people to thrive within them. Chris Watkin, Hay Group

Many organisations still view talent management and diversity as discrete activities. Yet significant changes are taking place in both the workforce and the marketplace to make it imperative to integrate these activities and ensure they are aligned with business strategy.

One example is the rapidly aging workforces in many Western economies, and the different work values and expectations that exist across the generations. Another is the global shift in economic power which drive organisations that wish to compete effectively to connect with the diversity of their customer or client base.

The focus on widening the recruitment net to attract a more diverse workforce is slowly giving way to a focus on leadership and career development processes that ensure this wider mix of people are all equally encouraged to progress to the top of the organisation.

How we can support you

Targeted Action Programmes – through our Different Leader and other Development Programmes we can work with organisations to nurture and develop their diverse talent.

Inclusive Leadership Training – we can design and run training interventions for managers and staff to increase understanding and awareness of the concepts, opportunities and strategic benefits and valued added of D&I.

Affinity or Diversity networks – Our experience is that many organisations are not maximising the full potential of their networks and that members are often frustrated or disappointed by the missed opportunities to make a more strategic contribution to their organisation. We can support you in enhancing the value of such networks by:

  • helping to reposition and reframe the vision and goals of the Network
  • preparing and facilitating network members and managers to dialogue on sensitive issues and to identify solutions
  • conducting surveys and focus groups to build further understanding and evidence of issues and opportunities
  • designing and delivering workshops for change

The Diversity Practice is well positioned to work with you to ensure that your diversity and inclusion strategy is integrated with your leadership and career development processes.

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