A culture is made, by its articulated voices – Ayn Rand

We facilitate high impact courageous conversations across the organisation that connect employees to your corporate values.

Our Critical Conversations /Diversity Dialogue series creates a safe space for honest, constructive dialogue and debate that delivers results. This is based on the premise that you don’t change culture – you change behaviour through dialogue and engagement.

In order to ensure that values like transparency, integrity and inclusion become a lived experience for your staff, clients and customers, organisations must practically live the value of courage – the courage to create a space where their people can have honest open dialogue, discussion and debate that uncovers the real people felt experience – without fear of negative consequences.

How we can support you

We have a distinctive capability in facilitating high impact constructive conversations that confidently challenges the status quo and addresses the thorny issues, empowering people to communicate what they really think and feel.

Courageous Conversations series – Uses a solutions-focus coaching approach to deliver amazing results in moving our clients from closed mindsets and forms of working, through tackling the difficult and often unsaid problems, to an open and inclusive culture.

Diversity Dialogue “You said, We Did” – Informed by our pioneering research and underpinned by our Factor 8 leadership framework, our inclusive dialogue process is designed to create a safe space for employees across the diversity spectrum to openly discuss career enablers, barriers to progress, and other issues that they may have as a function of their diversity.
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