Corporate Values

Authentic values are those by which a life can be lived, which can form a people that produces great deeds and thoughts – Allan Bloom

Shaping and aligning core values and associated behaviours – it’s one thing to have a set of core values, it’s another thing to translate them into reality.

Core Values are those guiding principles that determine how a business operates. Once in place they determine or guide how you deal with your customers, how you manufacture your products, how you treat your employees, or how you contribute to the community or the environment.

Yet ensuring that there is a consistency in what those values mean, how they align with your organisation’s strategic direction, relate to team effectiveness and individual performance, can all too often become muddled and fuzzy.

Dysfunctional values, leads to dysfunctional behaviour which is at the very heart of under-performance.

How we can support you

Interventions – We provide expert advice, facilitation and consultation that help our clients craft, build and integrate principles and behaviours that will deliver a high performing values driven organisation.

Translation – Our Values framework approach has been designed to support our clients in clearly articulating the specific behaviours that underpin their stated values.

Equipping leaders to lead at a higher level – Our workshops equip and empower your leaders to take ownership and live your corporate values.

Corporate values