Organisational Development

What’s the use of running, if you are not on the right road –
German proverb

DevelopmentCreating the HIPO – High Performing Inclusive Organisation.

At the Diversity Practice, we work with our clients to ensure that they are not just on the right road, but also on the sustainable road to organisational success.

Organisations talk about creating a high performance culture, but all too often pay minimal attention to inclusive engagement. We work with our clients to bring clarity of focus to both.

The business case is clear: the dramatic changes in the global economic environment plus the changing workforce profile are issues that global organisations and large UK based employers across the public and private sector must respond to if they are going to survive and thrive. Creating an inclusive culture is the key to attracting and retaining a diverse high performing workforce.

Your aim must be to establish a diverse and inclusive culture, where every individual can achieve their potential and everyone’s performance is fully maximised. This is a culture where each person is valued, engaged and buys into the organisation’s mission, vision and business strategy at all levels.

Our experienced consultants have a wide range of expertise to support you in the following areas.

  • Culture Audits – Providing a comprehensive audit of your organisation’s current corporate cultureculture
  • Corporate Values – Shaping and aligning core values and associated behaviours – its one thing to have a set of core values it’s another thing to translate them into reality corporate values
  • Dialogue– Facilitating high impact courageous conversations across the organisation that connect employees to your corporate valuesdialogue
  • Employee Engagement- Engaging employees across the diversity spectrum to promote an inclusive cultureemployee engagement
  • Talent Management – Integrating diversity and inclusion into talent management, and aligning with your organisational strategyTalent management