Executive Development

Going forward, no single region will monopolise corporate success. Leading companies will come from many places and more future leaders will be from countries that used to be considered emerging – James Turley, Chairman & CEO Ernst & Young

The Diversity Practice has created a range of interventions aimed at developing the Leadership competencies of Executives in Emerging Economies and Executive Leaders in Global Organisations.

Excellence in Leadership and Management

The Excellence in Leadership and Management Masterclass provides a high level forum for Senior Executives from Emerging Economies to explore best practices and approaches to creating and sustaining a high performing organisation. This comprehensive development programme builds the capacity for responsible, authentic, innovative leaders to deliver results that meet their individual and organisational strategic goals.

The modular programme focuses on leadership knowledge, skills and behaviours to:

  • Improve Self-Knowledge and Personal Performance as an Executive Leader
  • Refine Interpersonal Influence and Relationships with Others
  • Enhance Team, Group and Organizational Performance
  • Increase effectiveness of Service Delivery & Client Engagement
  • Provide successful Financial & Resource Management
  • Lead Organisational Change and Transformation

The program utilises multiple learning strategies including: Participant Assessments; Self-Knowledge through Experiential Activities; Developmental Case Studies; Ongoing Coaching/Mentoring; Core Workshops; Reading and Reflection.

Global Executive Exchange

This programme builds on the Excellence in Leadership & Management Masterclass. The purpose of the programme is for Executives from Emerging Economies to:

  • Gain a global insight from world class best practice
  • Learn from and engage with our partners from around the world
  • Establish a network of relationships for knowledge sharing and experiential learning

The exchange programme is undertaken in the UK and involves:

  • Work shadowing of equivalent senior UK based Executives
  • Meetings with Senior Executives from the same sector or professional field of activity
  • Site visits to leading UK organisations in the same sector
  • Further access to cutting edge leadership best practices
Globally Inclusive Leadership

In this increasingly globalised and multicultural marketplace, successful leaders of organisations operating globally require extra sensitivity, dexterity, a global mindset and cultural competence to effectively deal with the additional dimensions of complexity inherent in global leadership.

Inclusive leadership is at the heart of success in this dynamic environment and this workshop aims to equip leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to create a high performing inclusive global team, department and organisation.

In a stimulating high energy learning environment participants will:

  • Examine the shifting economic, talent, and cultural context in which they are operating globally
  • Explore and define what globally inclusive leadership is, identifying the benefits and barriers
  • Extend their understanding of different cultural norms and behaviours
  • Further develop the specific knowledge, skills and competencies needed to effectively lead global and diverse teams
  • Identify strategies and actions for enhancing their global leadership impact and contributions

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