Accredited Training

Programme recognition by “The Institute of Leadership and Management”

Being able to demonstrate your programme is of an international standard and providing participants with a certificate of recognition of their successful completion of a programme of learning is a service we provide to overseas organisations.

The Diversity Practice can work with you to quality assure the methodology, content and design of your training programmes and under our umbrella obtain recognition from the Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM).

ILM is the UK’s largest leadership and management awarding body and has a global reputation as the professional association for the development of Leaders and Manager. Recognition of your programmes will entitle you to use the ILM logo on your promotional material and your participants who are registered on an ILM recognised programme receive 1 year’s free study membership. This entitles them to access the ILM Resource Centre and Learning Zone as well as monthly copies of the ILM magazine.

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