Diversity Scorecard

What gets measured gets done!

Tracking, measuring and monitoring performance is critical to the successful governance of diversity and inclusion, to the achievement of its goals and objectives, and to its acceptance as an everyday part of an organisation’s activities.

How we can support you

A Diversity Scorecard, in the same way as all Balanced Scorecards, serves at least three functions:

  • as a measurement system
  • a strategic management system
  • and a communication tool.

More specifically, a diversity scorecard can assist your organisation in two critical areas:

  1. achieving effective and impactful D&I performance; and
  2. implementing a comprehensive diversity strategy and measurement process.

The Diversity Practice can assist you in creating and sustaining your diversity scorecard; in developing relevant, insightful and practical performance measures; and, by explicitly linking your organisation’s strategy with your diversity goals and objectives, help to embed and mainstream your D&I activities.

Diversity Scorecard