Engaging Boards and Senior Management Teams to take ownership of Diversity and Inclusion in a practical way has always proved to be a real challenge. Recognising this we have developed Integr8 – an innovative, highly interactive approach to working with Boards/Top Teams which is designed to equip them with the knowledge and leadership skills required to help them make the connection between governance, performance, service delivery and diversity and inclusion.

Integr8 outcomes:
  • Improved Governance – The Board or Executive Team increases its effective governance and oversight of D&I
  • Embedding diversity and inclusion – The Board or Executive Team develop collective ownership and understanding of the critical business relationship between D&I and its strategic priorities and plan.
  • Inclusive Leadership – Increased Board or Executive Team member competence and confidence in their individual and collective ability to take the lead on EDI.
  • Organisational benefits – The creation and implementation of a clear action plan for improvements in EDI in workforce, workplace, and service provision.

More about Integr8
Integr8 NHS video

Client feedback

“Integr8 flushed out issues and levels of understanding, which we were not aware of before nor expected.”
Chair of NHS Foundation Trust

“The main strengths of the approach are the combination of group and individual factors which comprise the process.  The interview, survey and preparation phases work well in terms of overall Board awareness and development and I found the individual online 360 degree assessment to be extremely useful from a personal point of view.”
Executive Board Member of NHS Ambulance Trust