• What does exemplar look like for D&I?
  • Where are we on the road to exemplar?
  • How do our equality, diversity and inclusion practices and outcomes compare to others?

These are a few of the questions that HR, D&I and Executive leaders in organisations are always asking us.

How we can support you

Template of Good Practice Statements – To address this challenge we have developed our own Template of Good Practice Statements to represent what an Exemplar High Performing Inclusive Organisation would have in place and be achieving. The good practices are drawn from a range of published guidelines/frameworks for good EDI Standards including the Department of Health “Equality and Human Rights in the NHS, a guide for NHS Boards”; The Local Government Equality Standards; the Diversity Works for London Diversity Gold Standards, and others.

EDSnap Audit Tool – We then go one step further. Through internal analysis, focus groups, interviews, and staff surveys, as well as external customer research and competitor benchmarking, we can conduct either a Full Audit or a Snapshot Audit of the key D&I issues your organisation faces, and appraise your position relative to equality standards and good practices, and the sector / marketplace in which you operate.

Whether used as a stand-alone tool or as part of strategic intervention, EDSnap provides the critical understanding, assessment and evidence of your key EDI challenges and opportunities, and can underpin your implementation plan to become and sustain yourself as a High Performing Inclusive Organisation.