Strategy and Governance

There never were in the world two opinions alike, no more than two hairs or two grains; the most universal quality is diversity – Michel de Montaigne

Exemplar High Performing Inclusive Organisations position and embed diversity and inclusion at the strategic and operational heart of what they do. This requires clear and decisive leadership – vision, strategy, implementation plan, performance monitoring – all mainstreamed into the everyday business of the organisation.

The Diversity Practice provides a range of interventions to support organisations in achieving this goal.

Integr8 – Embedding Diversity & Inclusion into Board Governance
Integr8 takes a Board or Senior Management Team through an in-depth process to review and develop appropriate & effective governance and leadership of diversity and inclusion, developing their Factor 8 inclusive leadership competence and confidence, and stimulating workforce, workplace, and marketplace benefits.

EDSnap – Diversity & Inclusion Audits
Conducting a Full Audit or a Snapshot Audit of the key diversity and inclusion issues your organisation faces, and appraising your position relative to equality standards and good practices, and the sector / marketplace in which you operate.

Strategy Development
Whether through Strategic Retreats or other recognised Strategy development processes, we support you in creating your diversity objectives, roadmap and plan, along with the follow through monitoring of its implementation.

Performance Measurement
Tracking, measuring and monitoring performance is critical. We can develop your Diversity scorecards and other tools & indicators to assess your diversity outcomes and successes.

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