Global D&I

The Global D&I Process

Global D&I process (c) The Diversity Practice

  • How do we raise awareness of the value of D&I beyond the US and UK
  • How can we create a vision and strategy for global D&I with a local focus and emphasis
  • How do we develop a commonality of language around the world in relation to what D&I means for the business
  • How do we get our CEOs and senior people in each country to get their buy in, commitment and action around D&I?

These are just some of the issues that global organisations are continuously grappling with.

How we can support you

Creating, delivering and implementing a ‘fit-for-purpose’ global D&I strategy demands a robust, yet agile framework and that’s exactly what we have created.

The Global Diversity and Inclusion Process (GDIP) is an 8 Stage approach to support organisations in crafting and implementing global diversity strategies that are locally relevant whilst retaining critical linkages with the overall corporate D&I strategy.

The outcomes for your organisation include:

  • A vision and strategy for global D&I
  • Country strategies meeting local needs within overarching global umbrella
  • Senor leadership taking ownership of D&I
  • Benchmarking against comparator companies
  • A focus on the behavioural alignment to underpin global D&I
  • Increased awareness of the value of D&I for the organisation as a whole

Global Diversity and Inclusion