Innov8How to create a system or organisation wide tipping point for change around aspects of the D&I agenda is a question that D&I leaders have had to continuously address.

Innov8– is a new paradigm for repositioning D&I within an organisation where the value added of key stakeholders working in strategic partnership creates that tipping point for change.

At its core the intervention involves the design and facilitation of a series of collaborative whole system diversity circle events that bring together Gate Leaders (our term for CEOs, senior leaders, HR, OD and Diversity managers) as well as Different Leaders from different diversity strands, particularly race, gender and disability. This is supported by parallel research and analysis to provide the evidence base and “culturally” or “diversity” competent leadership development of all the participants involved in the Innov8 process.

The critical outcomes are:

  1. A change in organisational culture, leadership behaviours, and ways of working where difference is valued and leveraged
  2. A cadre of leaders who proactively engage, take ownership of specific aspects of the D&I agenda and strategy, and practically embed new good practices throughout the organisation.

For an example of the Innov8 process at NHS Yorkshire and Humber download the Innov8 – Reframing Diversity Leadership Report.

Innov8 – Reframing Diversity Leadership Report