The Tool

The Factor 8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool (F8 DLAT) is an online tool which focuses on 8 key leadership characteristics critical to the success of authentic Different Leaders – bi-cultural competence, values driven leadership, spiritual belief, cultural capital, self mastery, presence, passion & power, multiple perspectives and transformactional leadership.

F8 DLAT can be used either as a self assessment or 360 diagnostic and measures your competency as an authentic Different Leader. The results from these assessments provide you with the critical feedback you need to deliver tangible results in your organisation.

The F8 Self Assessment Tool

Who is it for?

The F8 Self Assessment is for individuals who want to:

  • Improve their leadership of diverse teams
  • Extend their authentic leadership performance
  • Raise their leadership game
  • Harness their diversity as a strength

The F8 360 Assessment Tool

Who is it for?

  • Leaders who want to understand their impact on diverse teams
  • Individuals who want to improve their authentic leadership performance
  • Leaders who want to create a high-performing inclusive organisations
  • Organisations that want to realise the full potential of their diverse talent
  • Leadership practitioners who want to leverage the diversity of their clients