The Model

The Factor 8 Model (c) The Diversity Practice

Our research highlighted eight leadership attributes successful black and minority ethnic individuals share and prove invaluable in their leadership performance.

Although the study targeted BME women, in continuing our research we have identified that these factors also significantly relate to and resonate with leaders across the diversity strands

We use Factor 8 as the core model that informs our approach to leadership development.

The 8 Factors

Bi-Cultural Competence
The ability of a person to lead effectively across two or more ethnic cultures, easily shifting and switching between different cultures and skilfully merging the unique attributes and behaviours from this diverse context.

Values Driven Leadership

Values driven leadership is a style of leadership that is rooted in a clearly articulated set of principles and standards.

Spiritual Belief
The ability to use and apply spirituality, faith and/or belief in a way that positively inspires, empowers and motivates self and others.

Cultural Capital
Non-monetary wealth and relationship capital generated outside the workplace.

Self Mastery
Total belief in oneself, grounded in an outcomes-driven approach to personal growth and development.

Presence, Passion & Power
The ability to communicate with conviction and authority.

Multiple Perspectives
The ability to look at issues from a wide variety of different perspectives.

Transformactional Leadership
Transformactional Leadership is a term we have coined to describe individuals who consistently combine the best elements of both transformational (inspirational) leadership and transactional (task-focused) leadership.