Factor 8

The Factor 8 Model (c) The Diversity Practice

Factor 8™ emerged from a groundbreaking study, Different Women Different Places, the first research of its kind to focus on the career and leadership strategies of successful black and ethnic minority women (BME) in the United Kingdom and Europe. In total, over 400 women took part in the research. With the support of Booz, Allen and Hamilton, Credit Suisse and others, Different Women Different Places was released in December 2007.

The Factor 8™ model was translated into an on-line assessment tool in 2008. Since then, through the delivery of high impact training interventions, workshops, and conferences, over 1800 people have experienced Factor 8™ as a learning tool across the public, private and not-for profit sectors, in the UK, US and Europe. The evidence has also built up to show that Factor 8™ contributes to the success of a broad range of leaders across the diversity spectrum.

Factor 8™ has been used to support the leadership development of diverse individuals, managers of diverse teams, and the senior management of large complex organisations. It has emerged as an essential tool for assessing global leadership competencies. It has also provided a framework for whole system organisational dialogue and change, underpinning their aspirations to become a “high performing inclusive organisation”.

Factor 8™ represents the eight key leadership characteristics and attributes critical to successfully leading organisations in today’s increasingly multicultural and global environment. These are Values Driven Leadership, Spiritual Belief, Self-Mastery, Presence Passion and Power, Bicultural Competence, Multiple Perspectives, Cultural Capital, and Transformactional Leadership.