Coaching Testimonies

Our clients from across the public and private sector say that examples of what makes a DP Coach excellent are:

Credibility – You proved its okay for me to make decisions for the here and now that are very different to those I might make in the future as my personal circumstances change, helping me realise I have more options available than I thought.

Self belief – You walk the talk, show it in abundance, and became an example to us all.

Respect – You made me feel valued for who I am and what I do and always worthy of everyone’s full attention.

Non-judgmental – You are always open and listening to all concerns without ever judging

Bubbly personality – You are a real person and a fun one at that! Many coaches that I have had really take the moral high ground – you are very different and to me this is the key aspect that makes you stand out from others. You used your own life experiences to help me see a way though my issues – and didn’t just preach at me. You certainly lead by example.

Safe & secure
– You have an ability to probe areas of insecurity in a very supportive and constructive manner.

Your tips for success
– You made me realise that all contributions are valuable, and I just need to get my timing right and know my audience.

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