Borderless Coaching

“I feel as though I have left a weight behind, able to lead more comfortably and confidently!”


Borderless Coaching is powerful and transformational, an approach that is designed to authentically coach the whole person and all aspects of their difference. Unlike any other coaching method Borderless Coaching unlocks the hidden element of difference – what we call the missing 30% – so that clients can realise their full potential and maximise their impact.

Coach training

Borderless Coaching is a high impact, transformational coaching programme that inspires clients to fulfill their personal and professional potential.  If you are a coach, leader or manager with development responsibilities Borderless Coaching could help you unlock hidden potential in a way never before experienced.

Our open programme has been designed to train experienced coaches in the skills and knowledge needed to practice as a Borderless Coach.

Visit the Borderless Coaching website for more details or contact us to discuss how you can train to become a Borderless Coach.

Borderless Executive Coaching

Executive coaching has become a core element of the leadership development and talent management process for many organisations. Most coaching frameworks however don’t adequately address the critical role that a focus on each individual’s unique differences, authenticity, and inclusive connection, can play in delivering high impact, transformational coaching that maximises personal and professional potential.

Borderless Coaches give their clients permission to unmask. They do this by creating a safe, trusting, respectful space where clients know that their diversity is honored, truly valued and that no judgment is being made on any aspect of their identity.

We are recruiting

Following the development of the Borderless Coaching framework and in response to demand, we are training and increasing our team of ‘Borderless’ Executive Coaches and Facilitators.

Visit the Borderless Coaching website for more details or contact us today.