Coaching the hidden 30%

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By Carol Campayne

Coaching the hidden 30%

Our evidence based action research reveals that coaches and mentors often gloss over the value that comes with difference. The assumption is, that we are naturally inclusive, are bias free in our coaching and mentoring relationships, and instinctively look for the strengths and assets that our clients’ diversity brings. This is a MYTH.

Everyone has different ways of thinking, being and doing. Each individual has values, experiences, a cultural heritage and personal history, much of which doesn’t surface in the work environment. We call this the hidden 30%.

Picture1A skilled coach will delve into the attitudes and behaviours of their client. They’ll explore the organisational context in which their client operates and the skills and competencies the client demonstrates or needs to develop. But few will really get under the skin, to explore the identity and difference of their client. Few will attempt to coach the hidden 30%.

The skill is to give the client permission to unmask. But as a coach you will only do this by creating a safe, trusting, respectful space where clients know that their diversity is honoured, truly valued, fully utilised and that no judgment is being made of any aspect of their identity.

Coaches need a certain set of skills, a flexible mindset and open attitude to be able to coach and support their client in confidently and competently bringing the full essence of who they are to their lives and work. They then need to intentionally coach the “whole person” in all her uniqueness, valuing, exploring and accessing her difference and diversity.

We’ve thought for some time that there is a gap between the impact that traditional coaching and mentoring relationships have on clients and the opportunity for them to realise their full, authentic potential. There’s a real opportunity for transformational change and organisational impact through maximising their difference.

It’s our belief that the key to unlocking the missing 30% is Borderless Coaching – a powerful new framework that gives coaches and mentors the skills and ways of being to work masterfully with the dynamics of difference. We’ll be presenting this concept to coaches at the West Midlands Coaching and Mentoring Conferenceon 9th November 2015 at the ICC, Birmingham.

For more details about  coaching the hidden 30% or how you can become a Borderless Coach contact us.

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