Other programmes

The Diversity Practice has also developed a range of different interventions to increase the competence, capability, and confidence of all leaders. These learning and development interventions are offered as bespoke courses tailored to the needs of specific organisations and as open programmes for participants from any organisation. A few of these courses are highlighted below.
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Essentials for Leadership Success

This fast paced, engaging and interactive 2-day facilitated course is full of ideas and practical tools to assist individuals in activating and improving their leadership style and approach. It places participants’ diversity as a distinctive strength at the core of their leadership development.

Programme aims

In a stimulating high energy learning environment participants will learn how to:

  • Leverage diversity as a distinctive leadership strength
  • Effectively harness personal Presence, Passion and Power for leadership impact
  • Successfully activate leadership style as an authentic values driven leader
  • Play to their strengths and align them with what gets promoted
  • Understand how to skilfully navigate through the corporate maze as a Different Leader
  • Start to develop and better understand their leadership iBrand

Course participants will also be supported by 2 one hour executive coaching sessions.

The Audacity of your Authentic Leadership-

Take the lid off your leadership, inspire trust and excel

This one day workshop explores the true essence of leadership – with a commitment to ensuring that no aspect of an individual’s leadership is left behind. This programme will take participants on a personal journey to mastering their leadership from within, focusing on their deeply held values, cultural heritage, and core talents, while building up the courage to take their leadership to phenomenal new heights. It will equip them with the leadership skills and strategies required to transform into authentic, inspirational, challenging, visionary, Factor 8 leaders who deliver results.

Programme aims

The programme will cover the following:

  • Benchmarking where are you on the authenticity scale
  • Value Driven Leadership
  • Determining Mission, Purpose and Motivation
  • Building Courage & Resilience
  • Leadership Legacy
  • Factor 8 Leadership

Leadership i-Brand – What’s your value proposition?

Your technical competence is what gets you in the door your leadership ibrand is what will propel you to lead at a higher level. And from that flows the logic that we all need to cultivate and nurture our leadership brand so it thrives and prospers just as the brands managed by big business.

This interactive, workshop will provide participants with an insight into what it takes to develop and maintain a strong leadership brand; an immediate assessment of their current brand position; strategies to increase personal presence and impact; approaches to develop effective communication strategies; and tips for changing their brand image.

Smart Moves – Personal & Career Skills Development

The Smart Moves© personal and career skills development module is a highly effective interactive skills workshop, designed to act as a catalyst for the career development of participants. It is suitable for junior to middle level staff wishing to assess and take stock of their career progress to date, and to further develop their interpersonal skills in preparation for their next career move.

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