Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive leadershipIn this ever changing global and multicultural work and market place, leadership takes on a new meaning, requiring an additional set of skills and competencies.

Inclusive leadership is at the heart of success in this dynamic environment and this workshop aims to equip leaders with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to create a high performing inclusive team, department and organisation.

In a stimulating high energy learning environment participants will:

  • Explore and define what inclusive leadership is, identifying the benefits and barriers
  • Understand the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to effectively lead global and diverse teams
  • Using Factor 8 Different Leaders Assessment Tool as a benchmark to identify where they on the Inclusive leadership scale
  • Uncover the link between self mastery, emotional intelligence and inclusive leadership
  • Understand the impact of subtle exclusive behaviours on individuals, teams and the workplace
  • Understand how outstanding leaders harness diversity and inclusion to create high performance teams
  • Identify strategies and actions for enhancing their inclusive leadership impact and contributions

Inclusive leadership