Different women – Leadership mastery

Leadership masteryDifferent Women- Leadership Mastery
This is a unique leadership development programme that builds on 21st century models and cutting edge thinking to further leverage the leadership effectiveness of women in middle and senior management positions leading in the public and private sectors.

This programme is custom designed to address the distinct but often subtle challenges and variations to the unwritten rules and models for success that female leaders face and must master.

Fast paced and interactive the 2 day programme, supported by executive coaching, is packed with alternative ways of looking at and activating the leadership style and approach of women in leadership and is full of ideas and practical tools that they can action immediately!

Participants will come away

  • Equipped with the skills required to leverage their diversity to generate excitement and inspire superior performance
  • The confidence to skilfully use their unique strengths as women in leadership to deliver results
  • An understanding of their capabilities and strengths in preparation for promotion opportunities, and strategies for progression and to manage their career
  • Strategies to maximise leadership impact and success.