Borderless Leadership


Of all the principles that support long lasting sustainable leadership, authenticity may be the most important, simply put, leadership is authentic influence that creates value – Kevin Cashman

Our whole approach and fundamental premise is that ‘everything rises and falls, begins and ends with true leadership”. Authentic leadership is at the very heart of what we do. What we know is that organisations don’t just need leaders who are competent, well informed and capable; they need authentic, inspirational, challenging, visionary leaders, who deliver results. They need “Different Leaders” – who effectively leverage the totality of their unique characteristics – core values, cultural capital, presence passion & power, self mastery, spiritual belief, bicultural competence, multiple perspectives and transformactional leadership.

The Different Leader
Is a leader who draws
on their diversity as an,
authentic leadership
strength to maximise
personal impact
and deliver results

We work with our clients to grow and nurture their best leadership talent – leaders who know who they are, are confident in their own skin and who can lead their organisations from good to great. Times are changing, there’s no denying it. But, forward thinking global corporations and public sector organisations are choosing now to proactively retain and grow their best leadership talent.

Institute of Leadership and ManagementWe have developed a range of high impact interventions, accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management, to support leaders and their organisations in making this happen.

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