Authentic Leadership Coaching

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By Carol Campayne, Caroline Harper Jantuah and Lori Shook.

Authentic Leadership CoachingThe time has come for us to boldly re-write the leadership paradigm. Businesses need a radical leadership correction as the traditional models of the 20th century, which in the main have been grounded in the western philosophy of leadership, have served their time and purpose. The demographic profile of organisations is rapidly changing, alongside the demographic of the marketplace in which they operate. Furthermore, employees are increasingly questioning or seeking to find meaning in the work they do, less willing to compromise the quality of their lives outside of the workplace, and much more aware of the importance of being comfortable in their own skin, living their own values.

To both survive and thrive in this new and different landscape, organisations need to harness and execute a new and profoundly different approach.

Of all the personal development and leadership interventions available to grow modern leaders and address the dynamic economic context and moral crisis of the 21st century, executive coaching may be the most effective vehicle to deliver the change we need to see. But the powerful question we must surely ask is:

“what kind of coaching and what kind of coach can create the deep levels of change that the corporate world requires?”

Authentic leadership coaching is the answer. Authentic leadership coaching is the skill, mindset and attitude a coach needs to be able to skilfully coach and support their client in confidently and competently bringing the full essence of who they are into their leadership – in other words awakening their client to their full authentic self.

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The Diversity Practice Authentic Leadership Coaching programme is for coaches who wish to become more fully authentic in their relationships with their clients whilst also developing the fierce courage and competence to work with clients who are seeking to bring more of who they are to their leadership.

  • The Practitioner workshop builds your awareness and understanding of the interface between authentic leadership, diversity and inclusion; and equips you with the skills to work with individuals across the diversity spectrum.
  • The Master Practitioner trains you in the use of our cutting edge leadership diagnostic tool – the Factor8™ Different Leaders Assessment Tool a proven leadership development framework that we have used across the public and private sectors and with diverse leaders at all levels within an organisation.

To find out more about our Authentic Leadership Coaching Programme, contact us

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