Global Distinctive Innovative Impact


universal | worldwide | inclusive | connected
From the opportunities and complexities that emerging economies present to the potential to be harnessed from diverse talent we bring a unique global perspective to leadership and organisational development.

Global also means that our interventions adopt a ‘whole systems’ holistic approach – helping your organisation create competitive advantage through the interconnection between diversity leadership, organisational development, strategy and competitive advantage.


unique | different | distinguished | set-apart
What is uniquely different about you individually, your team and your organisation is what we harness and leverage for maximum impact. Whether in the development, design, delivery, or dialogue, the content, experience, engagement and impact of our interventions will be creative and distinct.

Diversity is a strength – yet still an area that many organisations struggle with. Using a variety of high impact innovative approaches, models and tools we work effectively with our clients to “push past stuck” and the “it’s too difficult”, to realise the full potential of their human capital.

The Stellar HE programme gave me clarity around the impact my difference can make and the confidence to be an authentic leader. It raised my awareness of how my cultural heritage has given me a strength in bringing people together and reaching consensus. As I apply what I have learned I now find my colleagues look to my leadership to address difficult challenges and find agreement on new opportunities and the way forward” – Senior Manager, Imperial College London



pioneering | original | revolutionary | fresh
What’s new, ground-breaking and courageous – is what we focus our attention and the attention of our clients on. There’s always another way! In the world of employee engagement, diversity and inclusion and leadership the importance of coming at things from a different place, and of adopting alternative perspectives is critical. We aim to bring new perspectives and insights, drawing on cutting edge research and current thought leadership to inform and shape the work we do.

Innovation also means ensuring that we focus on solutions using simple, uncomplicated yet stretching consulting and facilitation approaches.

I have thrown away the results of all other assessment tools, but I will keep the results of the Factor 8 Different Leaders Assessment Tool…… These are the leadership behaviours, attributes and characteristics required by the next generation of leaders” -Chief Executive, NHS Strategic Health Authority



outcome | output | effect | influence
From process to change, whatever the intervention, we work with our clients to ask and answer the big questions – what are the deliverables, what’s the impact? – ensuring that sustainable results are the outcome.

Impact also means that we focus on the ripple effect that will deliver the tipping point for change and create real, long term sustainable transformation.

Integr8 flushed out issues and levels of understanding, which we were not aware of before nor expected – Chair of NHS Foundation Trust