Personal Growth

“Can you help us prepare a diverse pool of candidates for senior civil service positions?”

Senior Manager, National School of Government

Increasing diversity in senior leadership

The challenge for the client was that too few women and ethnic minority high potential middle managers were being appointed to the senior civil service. The Diversity Practice was called up to use our coaching expertise to work with the pipeline of diverse leaders to increase their capability, confidence and commitment to step up into senior roles, while at the same time retaining their authenticity and drawing on their diversity as a leadership asset.

Approach taken:

“As I transition to my new role what must I do to have sustainable impact”

Female Executive Leader, Pharmaceuticals

Maximising individual leadership impact

Over six sessions the client successfully worked with her Diversity Practice coach to raise her profile as a credible authentic leader, confidently drawing on her natural style and talents. The client worked on her stakeholder relationships within and outside the organisation, and her ability to network strategically. With the support of her coach, she used real challenges and events as opportunities to test out her new strategies and behaviours.

Approach taken:

“We need a credible, versatile coaching model and approach that can give us a competitive edge with our D&I clients. Can you help?”

Senior D&I Manager, Global Consulting Firm

Coaching in the Diversity Space

This US based management consulting firm saw the Factor8 Different Leaders Assessment Tool as the missing piece of the jigsaw in the skills toolkit of its transformation and change consultants. The firm seized the opportunity to broaden their service offering and requested the Diversity Practice to train and license a group of its senior consultants as Factor 8 DLAT coaches.

Approach taken:
  • Executive Coaching,
  • Factor 8 DLAT Certification