Organisational Excellence

“We have set up a new global project team. How do we ensure they get off to a good start from the beginning?”

Head of Global Research and Development Project Team, Pharmaceutical Company

Effective new team start up

Using our “new team start up” process, which draws on a number of researched models and concepts for multicultural and global teams as well as work-style preferences and strengths, the Diversity Practice consultant worked with the project team leader and its members to establish an understanding of each other in terms of work style preferences; cultural similarities and differences; mutual expectations between team members and their leader and a vision of success. Relationships within this team were stronger as a result; levels of trust were high and the team was able to manage conflicts and disagreements as they arose; delivering their project on time and to a high standard.

Approach taken:

“What can be done to improve staff satisfaction among our BME staff?”

Chief Executive, Local Authority

Increasing employee engagement

We were approached by the Chief Executive of a Local Council to work with them to respond to the issues raised by their BME affinity network following differential results from the annual employee engagement survey. ‘A Different Direction’ is an innovative approach developed by The Diversity Practice that uses the Factor 8 Leadership framework to prepare groups of staff and managers, to have a skillfully facilitated, solutions-focused dialogue on D&I issues. The outcome was increased trust and strengthened relationship between staff and managers and a commitment to work together to continue to deepen understanding of the issues and generate sustainable solutions.

Approach taken:

“I am really concerned that my senior leadership team are not yet on board with the proposed restructuring and their behaviour is having a ripple effect on the morale of the rest of the organisation”

Chief Executive, Housing Organisation

Leading through strategic change

The Chief Exec and HR manager were in no doubt that the senior team’s individual and collective leadership would be significant components for the successful implementation of the organisation change. Following a survey of the leadership team, we designed and facilitated practical and highly interactive workshops exploring the themes of change being the new normal and the key skills for leading self and others in times of change. We also focused on the individual and collective steps needed to be in place to confidently lead the transition through to a successful conclusion.

Approach taken: