“I want a programme that will inspire and motivate participants to use their diverse talents to the full and reach senior positions across the sector”

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Higher Education Institution

BME Leadership Development

Higher Education Institutions across the UK were grappling with the challenge of how to increase the diversity of leadership in their talent pipelines and in senior management positions. The Diversity Practice developed and implemented a suite of evidence based leadership development programmes targeting diverse leaders, to extend their knowledge, behaviours and skills as Different Leaders, and empower and inspire them to fully leverage their diversity as a leadership strength.

Approach taken:

“To many people say we can never have world class executive leadership. Prove them wrong”

Chief Executive, Nigerian Hospital

Emerging Economy Executive Development

That was the mission given to Vesta Healthcare Partners and the Diversity Practice. A key part of our response was the design and implementation of an Executive Clinical Leadership Development programme, its Top-Tier Executives and Clinical Leaders with the leadership and management knowledge, skills and behaviour required to deliver world class health services locally & nationally.

Approach taken:

“We want to effectively support our staff as they transition out of the company”

Senior Human Resources Manager, Industrial Company

Leading in turbulent times

The aim of our intervention was to position and equip participants with an alternative, empowering perspective on change as an opportunity for personal, career and leadership success, stimulating their thinking about how they can use their individual leadership signature and footprint as Different Leaders to proactively and successfully manage their career transition drawing on their unique leadership capabilities.

Approach taken: