Evidence Base

“I want you to find out the successful leadership strategies used by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Women in the UK and Europe”

Global Head of D&I, Professional Services Firm

Different Women, Different Places

Thus began the Different Women, Different Places Study. The study identified the leadership attributes and characteristics of BME women. Additional action research confirmed the findings also relate to BME men and individuals across the diversity spectrum. A key outcome was the “Factor 8” leadership framework for repositioning diversity as a leadership strength. This framework has been extended to include a 360 on-line “Factor8 Different Leaders Assessment Tool” as well a number of development programmes recognised and accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Approach Taken:
  • Research

“What is the relationship between diversity, innovation and productivity?”

The European Commission, Business Case for Diversity Research Project

The Business Case for Diversity

This was the critical question that we addressed as part of this EU funded research project. Drawing on secondary literature and primary research of some of Europe’s leading companies we provided the rationale for the linkages as well as case study examples drawn from a range of large multinational businesses.

Approach Taken:
  • Research

“Our Global Leaders need to have more impact. What can you do to help?”

Senior Executive, Global Financial Institution

Global Leadership Competencies

Most of our models and understanding of successful Corporate Leadership are derived from West European and North American businesses and research. Yet in this increasingly globalised and multicultural marketplace, successful leaders of organisations operating globally require extra sensitivity, dexterity, a global mindset and cultural competence to effectively deal with the additional dimensions of complexity inherent in global leadership. The Global Leadership Competencies project builds on existing research through an empirical study of leadership practices across a range of companies from both developed and emerging economies.

Approach Taken: