What’s The Issue?

Clients approach the Diversity Practice looking for innovative, globally relevant, impactful & sustainable solutions. Sometimes, it’s to address long standing challenges they have had, although just as often they want to know how to move to higher levels of performance

The issues vary, but usually relate to maximising difference for leadership and organisational impact; developing 21st century leaders; cracking the corporate code; and creating world class organisations.

Here are some examples:

“We want to support NHS Boards to make the critical connection between D&I and their core business and ensure their business delivers effectively to all its customers”

NHS National Leadership Council Board Member
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“I want a programme that will inspire and motivate participants to use their diverse talents to the full and reach senior positions across the sector”

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Higher Education Institution
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“Can you help us prepare a diverse pool of candidates for senior civil service positions?”

Senior Manager, National School of Government
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“We have set up a new global project team. How do we ensure they get off to a good start from the beginning?”

Head of Global Research and Development Project Team, Pharmaceutical Company
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“I want you to find out the successful leadership strategies used by Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Women in the UK and Europe”

Global Head of D&I, Professional Services Firm.
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