The Diversity Practice Ltd is a UK based organisational and leadership development consultancy with a global capacity to address the growing strategic, corporate culture, business performance and leadership needs of its public, private and multinational sector clients.

We are all about maximising difference for leadership impact and have developed a distinctive capability in working with our clients to harness and leverage the full potential of all their employees across the diversity spectrum wherever they are globally situated.

The Nexus

The Nexus (c) 2010 The Diversity Practice

We are equally passionate about sustainable transformation – be that individual, team or organisational – consistently influencing our clients’ thinking, understanding and effective application of ‘the Nexus’ – the critical link between strategy, leadership, organisational culture, human capital, and diversity & inclusion – the route to long-term, values driven change competitive advantage, and outstanding performance.

The Diversity Practice team and our strategic partners are themselves very diverse and seek to “walk the talk”, applying the behaviours we advise our clients to follow and leveraging their difference to deliver innovative, high impact, sustainable results.

Bringing a fresh, innovative, cutting edge perspective, we combine our unique, courageous, high impact consultancy, coaching and facilitation style with expert industry-specific knowledge and expertise to deliver long term solutions to our clients’ human capital and organisational challenges.