The Diversity Practice delivers solutions to the complex and dynamic organisational and leadership development needs of its clients around the world


universal | worldwide | inclusive | connected
From the opportunities and complexities that emerging economies present to the potential to be harnessed …
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unique | different | distinguishing | set-apart
What is uniquely different about you individually, your team and or organisation is what we harness and leverage …
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pioneering | original | revolutionary
What’s new, ground-breaking and courageous – is what we focus our attention and the attention of our clients on…
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outcome | output | effect | influence
Going through the process of culture change is one thing, but what are the results- what’s the impact? …
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  • Diversity issues

    NHS Trust Directors discuss their experience and outcomes gained from participating in an interactive Board development process that assisted them to make the critical connection between diversity and inclusion and their core business; and identify what they need to do differently to ensure their “business delivers effectively to all its customers”.


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    Unconscious bias – what is it and how does it affect our coaching practice?

    By Carol Campayne Unconscious bias – what is it and how does it affect our coaching practice? Unconscious bias is everywhere in the coaching space. And it is holding us back as coaches and holding our clients back too. But what is unconscious bias and what can we do about it? If you have a […]

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